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Pashtuns (/ ˈ p ʌ ʃ ˌ t ʊ n /, / ˈ p ɑː ʃ ˌ t ʊ n / or / ˈ p æ ʃ ˌ t uː n /; Pashto: پښتانه ‎, Pəx̌tānə́; or Pathans), historically known as Afghans, are an Iranian ethnic group native to Central and South Asia.. The ethnic group's native language is Pashto, an Iranian language on the Indo-Iranian branch, itself a branch of the larger Indo-European language family Pashtun, also spelled Pushtun or Pakhtun, Hindustani Pathan, Persian Afghan, Pashto-speaking people residing primarily in the region that lies between the Hindu Kush in northeastern Afghanistan and the northern stretch of the Indus River in Pakistan. They constitute the majority of the population of Afghanistan and bore the exclusive name of Afghan. Pashtuns, known historically as ethnic Afghans and in the Indian subcontinent as Pathans, form an ethnic group of approximately 50 million people who mainly live in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Pashtuns (some pronounce it as Pakhtoons) speak their native Pashto language but many of them are also fluent in Arabic, English, Persian, and Urdu

Folkloric genealogies trace the descendants of the Pashtuns to Qais Abdur Rashid and his three sons Saṛban (سړبن), Bēṭ (بېټ), and Gharghax̌t (غرغښت) as well as an adopted son, not directly adopted by Qais Abdul Rashid, therefore, the identity of Karlan himself and the man who adopted him Pashtuns are united by the Pashto language, which is a member of the Indo-Iranian language family, although many also speak Dari (Persian) or Urdu. One important aspect of traditional Pashtun culture is the code of Pashtunwali or Pathanwali , which sets out standards for individual and communal behavior Pashtuns (also called Pushtan, Paktun or Pathan) are the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. Though their exact numbers are uncertain and as with other communities are contested, previous estimates have suggested that they make up around 42 per cent of the population

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  1. antly constitute an Eastern Iranian people, speakers of the Pashto language and who live in a contiguous geographic location across Pakistan and Afghanistan. That represents the generally accepted academic view. Pashtuns, Muslims, follow Pashtunwali, as well as being Pashto-speakers and meeting other criteria
  2. ated and Pashtun nationalism subsequently reinvigorated by the lyrics of the 17 th century warrior-poet Khushal Khan Khattak
  3. The Pashtuns, or Pakhtoons, are an ancient ethnic group whose people can trace their ancestry way back to the early Aryan civilizations, similar to the Turks, Kurds, Tajiks, and many other ethnic groups of central Asia

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The poor Pashtuns in Pakistan have long resented the Afghan refugees with whom they have had to share their sparse resources and a deteriorating environment Media in category Pashtuns. The following 92 files are in this category, out of 92 total. A Pashtun music mehfil.JPG 4,608 × 3,456; 3.14 MB. A traditional Hujra in Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.jpg 4,032 × 3,024; 2.99 MB. A young plaintiff testifying inside the courthouse in Asadabad.jpg 4,256 × 2,832; 1.54 MB Pashtuns in the west Salaam everyone, I'm writing this as I'm a little intrigued on Pashtuns living in the west and how they've changed over generations. For example, just basics like if you still speak Pashto after 2 or 3 generations and if there is big Pashtun populations around you or not Eva travels to Peshawar, the heartland of the Pashtun people. She experiences a Jirga, a unique tribal system of justice and heads to the legendary Khyber Pa..

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For centuries Pashtuns were simply called Afghans, though today that term usually refers to anyone from Afghanistan. They are the dominant and largest ethnic group in Afghanistan - some 16-18 million. There are twice as many Pashtuns in Pakistan, concentrated in the northeast Pashtuns have long felt neglected and wrongly targeted in Pakistan by the government, and in particular by the powerful military. The most recent target was Arman Luni, a leader of the Pashtun. Pakistan's ethnic Pashtuns say they are being rousted in midnight raids, detained and subjected to other harassment in the country's crackdown on extremists following a series of terrorist attacks. The Pashtuns, New York, NY. 6,490 likes · 2 talking about this. Strongest Nation of the WorldPASHTUNWALAI is my Culture my Way of Living till i DIE...!!!... Jump t When it comes to culture, nobody can match the Pashtuns, also referred to as Pakhtuns, in terms of rigidity and resistance to change. Their 1,000-year-old culture, which dates back to 330 BC.

iam pashtun. i don't fallow rules, i make rules to fallow me Secular Pashtuns see themselves as close to Ghani-led centralists, but the reality is that the presence of the Taliban and the position of Pashtun secularists in power will change dramatically The Pashtuns., Peshawar, Pakistan. 17K likes. Za Saada Pukhtun Tasvir Da Am'n Ao Da Meeni Yam.. Ta Ta Mi Cha Hasi Kom Ghalat Tasvir Jor Kare De. In particular, I heard myself from Pashtuns from the tribes of Lewani, Benyamin, Afridi, Shinwari and more, that their grandfathers told them they are Bene Israel, and it is well known that this tradition is spread through most (or all) of the Pashtuns tribes. Some Pashtuns, especially from young generations, are doubting that this is true The Pakistani army has used the Pashtuns for creating trouble in Afghanistan and later on killed them when they had served their purpose. The Pashtuns are Pakistan's largest ethnic minority and have now become the symbol of resistance in the country. Pakistan's Pashtuns have stirred up a storm after a massive number of protesters participated in a Pashtun unity march in Wana of South.

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Of course Pashtuns treat a white man in a hospitable way. You however haven't experienced the end of their bullet or the way they discriminate other people in their homeland. Pashtuns are racist, sexist, pedophilic and terrorists. There's a saying: Not all pashtuns are talibans, but all talibans are pashtuns Pashtuns also keep a very important aspect in their society and in their lives - an aspect known today as Pashtunwali. These set of codes sets out standards for individual and communal behavior. It is a non-written, et hical code and traditional lifestyle that the Pashtuns follow

Pashtuns - Pashtuns. Från Wikipedia, den fria encyklopedin Pathan och Pakhtoon omdirigerar här. För andra användningsområden, se Pathan (otydlig) . Pashtuns پښتانه Pəx̌tānə́ ; پښتانه . Pashtun-män från södra Afghanistan . Total befolkning ; c. 60-70 miljoner. Definition of Pashtuns in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of Pashtuns. What does Pashtuns mean? Information and translations of Pashtuns in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web Pashtuns must behave respectfully towards all creation, including people, animals and the environment around them: Isteqamat (steadfastness) Trust in God in keeping with Islamic idea of belief in only one god: Ghayrat (self-honor ) Pashtuns must respect themselves and others: Namus (honor of women Pashtuns believe that the problems in their society can be solved by everyone following Islam more strictly or becoming better Muslims. Difficulties. Problems mark the lives of Pashtun society as a whole and as well as smaller family groups. Without doubt you've heard of the years of continuous violence in places where Pashtuns live

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Pashtuns living in the former-FATA2 region of Pakistan, seeks to discuss historical and contemporary violent repre-sentation of the tribal Pashtuns. In addition, the essay briefly discusses the Pashtun culture, along with situating the asso-ciation of violence with Pashtunwali Pashtuns' struggle for rights cannot be silenced through violence. The murder of PTM leader Arif Wazir, and the Pakistani state's reluctance to solve it, only strengthened our resolve Pashtuns, sometimes spelled Pushtuns, or Pakhtuns, or Pukhtuns, (Urdu: Pathan ‎, Persian: Afghan ‎), are the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan and the second largest in Pakistan.Their mother language is Pashto, but many of them also speak neighboring Urdu, Hindko and Dari languages. They are the original or native people of the area south of the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan and west of the. Pashtuns are an ethnic group based in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, with exonyms such as Afghan, Pashtoon, Pushtoon, Pathan, and Pukhtoon, 1 also used for the group (A. S. Ahmed, 2013; Siddique, 2014).In Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan provinces, along with tribal areas on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, the Pashtuns make up the second largest ethnic group, with 15% of the.

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Despite growing anti-Western and anti-American sentiment over the last 20 years, Pakistan still offers opportunities for investment, learning, business and service. Many expatriates have enjoyed the renowned hospitality and friendship of Pashtuns and other Pakistani peoples. Prayer Points * Scripture Prayers for the Pashtun in Pakistan. * Media Not all Pashtuns look European, but some fall into the phenotypical range that could be European. Why? Simple, they share some common ancestry. Pashtuns are Iranic people that are cousins to Persians and Kurds. All of these groups share ancestry.. Asia Pashtuns rise up against war, Taliban and Pakistani military. A new movement has sprung up in Pakistan's Pashtun-dominated northern areas. Its supporters, wary of their region being used as a.

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The Pashtuns, and its Taliban movement that will continue to impact both sides of the border, remain a key demographic for both stability in South Asia and in the fight against the global jihad of. Pashtuns: Pashtuns, Af's largest ethnic group (42% of the population; also found in north-west Pak), may not be big in the Af army but they dominate the more effective fighting force: the Taliban. Pasthuns — they speak Pashto — have a knack of frustrating foreign troops The history between Hazaras and Pashtuns has been very rough. Conflicts driving off traditional niche class have lit a spark between these two groups. The conflict between two groups has gone on for centuries, and it began shortly after the founding of Afghanistan in 1747. Traditionally, the Hazaras were placed as the lower class whil

The Pashtuns have been the subject of several scholars' research. Anderson reports that because Pashtuns have historically dominated government, other ethnic groups have had to learn to deal with them on the Pashtuns' own terms. He refers to the Pashtunization of the country's public behavior From calling Pashtuns/Afghans [synonyms] traditionally pastoral nomads to the population figures to the names of the food (it is kabuli pulao plus it also has meat in it and dampukht is another traditional dish not as it is written here). 56. Asmat Ullah Khan. Sep 10, 2019 @ 6:06 am 2) Pashtuns live mainly in eastern and southern Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan. There is no Northeastern province of Pakistan. You probably mean the Northwest Frontier Province, which has been renamed to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Pashtuns also live in northern Balochistan as well as Karachi. They're actually all over Pakistan now As depictions of Pashtuns in Western and Pakistani popular culture focused on extremism and violence, Pashtuns - who form roughly 20 percent of Pakistan's 207 million people - came to be.

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Peshawar/ New Delhi: The Pashtuns of Pakistan has put up a united front against the Pakistani Army and the intelligence apparatus over forced disappearances of their pro-freedom activists. On Sunday, thousands from the community marched under the banner of 'PeshawarLongMarch4Arman' demanding justice for slain activist and senior member of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), professor. Refworld is the leading source of information necessary for taking quality decisions on refugee status. Refworld contains a vast collection of reports relating to situations in countries of origin, policy documents and positions, and documents relating to international and national legal frameworks. The information has been carefully selected and compiled from UNHCR's global network of field.

Pashtuns synonyms, Pashtuns pronunciation, Pashtuns translation, English dictionary definition of Pashtuns. n. A member of an ethnic group of Afghanistan and parts of western Pakistan. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition Resentment among Pashtuns at the state's despicable treatment of them has been brewing for almost a decade-and-a-half and finally spilled over when the police shot dead Naqeebullah Mehsud, an.

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Many Pakistani Pashtuns live in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), the embattled area bordering Afghanistan that in recent years has endured attacks by the Taliban armed group. Pashtuns are renowned and respected fighters and will battle to the death over three things: wealth, women and land. Inter-familial or tribal vendettas can continue for decades The Pashtuns have played an important role in the regions of South and Central Asia, including the Middle East. They appear to have eastern Iranian ethnic origins for most part, share a common language, culture and history, live quite close to each other geographically speaking, and acknowledge each other as kinsmen Pashtuns (also spelled as Pushtun, Pakhtun, Pashtoon, Pathan) form Afghanistan's largest ethnic group. They mostly speak the Pashto language (a language from Indo-Iranian language family). Pashtun culture is based on traditional code of Pashtunwali, whch tells the individual how to behave as individual and in the society Pashtuns have very strong ethical values including great tolerance, hospitality, respect for other religions, ethnic groups and races. I am very pleased that some Pashtuns have started to take bold and courageous steps in restoring the Pashtun identity. Mahmood Khan, Afghanistan. Rashid's commentary is spot on

Pashtuns are historically the ruling group in Afghanistan and they have dynamically fought to keep their predominance throughout Afghan history. In the years before 1978 Pashtuns made up about 40 per cent of the Afghan population. After the Soviet invasion in 1979, some 85 per cent of the more than 3 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan were. The wise among the pashtuns will agree with me on this. Anyway, for every person in this world, the biggest challenge is to break through the stereotypes that people before you sharing your. Pashtuns. 86K likes · 7 talking about this. ‎Lets unite all Afghans/Pashtuns پښتتنو یو ځای شی / افغانانو Pashtuns (also Pushtuns, Pakhtuns, Pukhtuns; Pashto: پښتون Paṣtun, Persian: پختون Paxtun, Urdu: پشتون Pashtūn), or Pathans (Urdu: پٹھان, Hindi: पठान, Paṭhān) and or ethnic Afghans are an ethno-linguistic group primarily in eastern and southern Afghanistan and in the North West Frontier Province, Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Balochistan provinces of. Caught Between The Military And Militants, Pakistan's Pashtuns Fight For Rights : Parallels A new rights movement is led by an activist from South Waziristan, a front line in the war on terrorism.

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The Pashtuns' sense of territoriality bears some resemblance to the Nipmuck tribe of Massachusetts; when outsiders venture into the middle of their lands on fishing expeditions or to exert. Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the foremost 20th-century leader of the Pashtuns (Pakhtuns, or Pathans; a Muslim ethnic group of Pakistan and Afghanistan), who became a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and was called the Frontier Gandhi. Ghaffar Khan met Gandhi and entered politics in 1919 during agitation ove

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Traditional homeland. The majority of Pashtuns are found in the native Pashtun homeland, located south of the river Amu Darya which is in Afghanistan and west of the Indus River Aktuelle Buch-Tipps und Rezensionen. Alle Bücher natürlich versandkostenfre The Pashtuns mostly speak Pashtu (although some residing in Kabul and other urban areas speak Dari) and are generally Sunni Muslims. They are divided into tribal and sub-tribal groups to which they remain loyal. These tribal divisions have been the source of conflict among Pashtuns throughout their history

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Pashtuns have witnessed a rapid rise and fall in the levels of their political acceptance. In 1985, a group of Arab and Pashtun men with beards and turbans visited the White House to meet President Ronald Reagan. Speaking to the press after the meeting, Reagan called them freedom fighters fighting an evil empire Pashtuns in terms of ethnic structure are different from the neighboring Iranian peoples. They still retain a tribal structure, and according to oral genealogies trace back to a common ancestor named Qais or Pathan (Pathan is one of the English name of the Pashtuns), who lived according to some estimates around the 11 th or 12 th century AD It seeks to reconstruct the image of Pashtuns, long caricatured by outsiders as ignorant, warlike savages, as a dignified people who have paid in blood and money from years of terrorist violence and military sweeps. And it has returned Waziristan, so often dismissed as an extremist backwater, to the forefront of debates about Pakistan's future Pashtuns have suffered the most, since 2001, at the hands of the Taliban and its splinter groups. Not only that, they have also suffered through drone strikes and Pakistani military operations Pashtuns believe that the problems in their society can be solved by everyone following Islam more strictly or becoming better Muslims. Difficulties. Problems mark the lives of Pashtun society as a whole and as well as smaller family groups. Without doubt you've heard of the years of continuous violence in places where Pashtuns live

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Pashtuns are the ethnic group residing mostly in Afghanistan and Pakistan. History comes to know them as the people who never allowed themselves to be ruled by any great power until the last quarter of the 20th century after which they came at the receiving end of the ravages of the Cold war which devoured Afghanistan completely once the Soviets invaded it in 1979 Pashtuns (, or ; Pashto: پښتانه‎, Pax̌tānə) - also known as Pukhtuns or Pathans - are an Iranian ethnic group native to Central and South Asia. The native language of the Pashtuns is Pashto - an Iranian language on the Indo-Iranian branch, itself a branch of the larger Indo-European language family Pashtuns generally do not recognize the current border between the two countries as legitimate. They represent a majority of the Afghan population, and therefore, they claim a predominant role in.

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