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  1. The cheapest way to get from Tahiti to Pitcairn Island costs only $911, and the quickest way takes just 20¾ hours. Find the travel option that best suits you
  2. 03/26/2017 11:50 am ET. On January 15, 1790, The Bounty finally reached Pitcairn with nine mutineers and 20 Polynesians, 14 of them women. The tiny two-square-mile island had been reported in 1767 in a place that it was not, and Fletcher Christian at last found it 216 miles to the east of its supposed abode
  3. If you're sailing your own vessel, the nearest islands are in French Polynesia, roughly to the WNW: the isolated Gambier Islands are 330 miles away, the Acteon Group of the Tuamotu Islands are 450 miles away, and Tahiti and the rest of the Society Islands are a mere 1,300 miles off

Pitcairn and her Islands are this exactly, and with exclusive access, you can go island hopping around some of the world's most isolated and intact natural environments, undisturbed by the invasiveness of modernity, and be transported to a world that makes you feel like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, with a remote island expedition being the antithesis of any cosmopolitan mecca 15,029 km. 9,339 miles. Distance from United Arab Emirates to Pitcairn. 19,770 km. 12,285 miles. Distance from Afghanistan to Pitcairn. 18,134 km. 11,268 miles. Distance from Antigua and Barbuda to Pitcairn Pitcairn-Islands is 1,706.86 mi (2,746.92 km) south of the equator, so it is located in the southern hemisphere. South pole: 4,511.13 mi (7,259.96 km) How far is it from Pitcairn-Islands to the South Pole? From Pitcairn-Islands to the South Pole, it is 4,511.13 mi (7,259.96 km) in the north. Antipode: 24.703615,52.560692. Where do I get to when I dig a hole in Pitcairn-Islands through the centre of the earth

From Tahiti to Pitcairn Island, part 3 - Life Today at the End of the World: In the Wake of The Bounty on the Looney Front. 04/02/2017 10:37 am ET. Pitcairn Islanders are welcoming and warm, with homestays costing about $100 per day full board. One of these, run by Steve Christian, a seventh-generation descendant of Bounty mutineer Fletcher. Most people have no idea how to get to Pitcairn Island. Located some 300 or so nautical miles from the farthest eastern port in the Gambier Islands of Mangareva; Pitcairn is a difficult little piece of Earth to get to. There are five different ways to get there and all of them involve significant time on a boat; and generally money spent The inhabited island, Pitcairn, is at 25.04 south, 130.06 west. Pitcairn is about 2,170 kilometres (1,350 mi) southeast of Tahiti , 5,310 kilometres (3,300 mi) from Auckland , New Zealand , and over 6,600 kilometres (4,100 mi) from Panama

From Tahiti to Pitcairn Island: In the Wake of The Bounty

  1. utes to reach the wharf at Rikitea (the main settlement on Mangareva). Tahiti to Pitcairn Island (Outbound journey
  2. South Pacific Cruise to Austral, Pitcairn and Easter Islands. Travelers, birders, snorkelers, and history buffs alike will delight in this unique and extensive 25-day South Pacific cruise that will sail from mainland Chile to Tahiti
  3. Even helicopters can not get to the island because distances to nearby islands are too big. The nearest airport is on Mangareva in the Gambier Islands, 850 kilometres away. Air Tahiti is the only airline carrier offering flights to Mangareva (two flights a week from Tahiti, on Tuesdays and Saturdays)
  4. The distance between Pitcairn and Easter Island is 2081 km. How long does it take to get from Pitcairn to Easter Island? It takes approximately 5h 5m to fly from Papeete (PPT) to Easter Island (IPC), including transfers and time at the airport

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It is roughly 2170km (1350 miles) east south-east of Tahiti, just over 6600km (4100 miles) from Panama, and 5310km (3300 miles) from Auckland, New Zealand (around the distance from London to New York) Mangareva is reached by boat from the nearby airport across the lagoon. Mangareva is an important travel link to Pitcairn Island.Practically the only way a traveler can reach Pitcairn Island is to fly to Tahiti, then to Mangareva.From there, a 32-hour boat ride will take the traveler to the island Once at Easter Island, it is about 1,100 miles to Pitcairn Island (famous as the hideaway of the HMS Bounty mutineers), then another 300 miles to the Gambiers. All three stops offer unique experiences Distance from Pitcairn Islands to New Zealand is 5575.85 kilometers . This air travel distance is equal to 3464.67 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance from Pitcairn Islands to New Zealand is 5575.85 km= 3464.67 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) between Pitcairn Islands to New Zealand, It.

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It cost approximately $700. Most of the price was met from American and British donations, together with $200 from the Australasian Union Conference under whose control the boat remained. James Russell McCoy traveled on it as the ship's missionary, spreading literature among the Tubuan and Tuamotuan Island groups between Tahiti and Pitcairn flying from tahiti to henderson island and easter island - Henderson Island Foru Pitcairn's supply ship, MV Claymore II, en route from New Zealand, waits for passengers at the closest inhabited island, Mangareva. The ship has already been at sea for 12 days, laden with goods. You're signed out. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. Cancel. Confirm. Switch. Meanwhile, Pitcairn, is at the low edge of the SE trade wind belt, like Easter Island, which is 1000 miles to the east. Its closest neighbor is Gambier islands of French Polynesia, 300 miles to the west

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From Tahiti to Pitcairn Island, part 3 - Life Today at the

It is one of the world's most isolated inhabited islands, its closest neighbors being Pitcairn Island, 1,289 miles to the west, and Chile 2,182 miles to the east! As the Island Sky steamed toward our destination, we lingered over breakfast before joining Captain Jörgen Cardestig for his very interesting presentation, Life as a Harbor Pilot Total distance from Galapagos to Pitcairn (via Dulcie atoll, in the Pitcairn group, add one or two days for a visit): 2800 nautical miles. Boat speed for Aldebaran: 3-8 knots Boat average velocity made good: 4.5-5.5knot

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TAHITI AND PITCAIRN ISLAND. FROM $13,499 pp. JUST TWO DEPARTURES! Every now and then an exceptional, not-to-be-missed opportunity presents itself. This voyage is a combination of Tahiti's stunning Tuamoto and Gambier Islands with the rare opportunity to visit remote Pitcairn Island, home of just 50 people. Departing from Papeete,. If you'll be sailing your own ship, the nearest islands are in French Polynesia, roughly to the WNW: the isolated Gambier Islands are 330 miles (530 km) away, the Acteon Group of the Tuamotu Islands are 450 miles away, and Tahiti and the rest of the Society Islands are a mere 1,300 miles (2,100 km) off

POMARE (vessel) The ship which in 1834 carried George Nobbs, John Buffett, and Jack Evans from Tahiti to Pitcairn in order to pick up their families from the island which was then under the distatorial rule of Joshua Hill. The Pomare then took the Nobbs family to Mangareva and the others back to Tahiti Jun 13, 2018 - Pitcairn Islanders are welcoming and warm, with homestays costing about $100 per day full board. One of these, run by Steve Christian, a seventh-generati.. The calculation of flight time is based on the straight line distance from Tahiti to Easter Island (as the crow flies), which is about 2,630 miles or 4 233 kilometers. Your trip begins in Tahiti, French Polynesia. It ends in Easter Island, Chile. Your flight direction from Tahiti to Easter Island is East (112 degrees from North) The highest point on Pitcairn Island. Pitcairn is almost 6000 kilometres from the nearest continent, and is one of the world's most isolated communities. There is no airstrip and ships can't moor

Looking through Bligh's books left on board, Fletcher Christian found a reference to Captain Cook's discovery of the island of Tubuai, some 640 kilometres south of Tahiti, and it was there that he took the ship, arriving a month after the mutiny. At Tubuai, the mutineers found the indigenous inhabitants unwelcoming Four thousand eight hundred kilometres of open ocean separate you from them; a few archipelagos lie to the north; and the southern seas are empty to the ice caps of Antarctica. If you call at Pitcairn, you will see a unique community of Anglo-Tahitian descent which turned a naval mutiny into a celebrated romance Ashore, you must be able to walk moderate distances over beaches and sometimes rough terrain. Average daily temperatures will range from the low to upper 80s°F, though high humidity can make it feel warmer, with cooler temperatures in the Pitcairns and Easter Island. Though this voyage occurs during the dry season, rainfall is always a possibility Travel to Pitcairn Island - Freighter Cruise from the Gambier Islands by Far & Away. 3 nights Gambier Island Guesthouse, 4 nights Freighter Cruise, 3 nights Pitcairn Island Guesthouse; Roundtrip flights from Vancouver to Tahiti & from Tahiti to the Gambier Islands. Other Departure cities available with add on pricing. 1-877-815-432 Take Me To Pitcairn is a documentary film by Julian McDonnell, in which he attempts to follow in the footsteps of the Fletcher Christian and Captain William Bligh, the protagonists in the famous Mutiny on the Bounty, on a quest that takes him to Tahiti, Mangareva, Samoa, the phoenix islands and London

Map. Ship/Hotel. Dates & Prices. Inquire. Join this island excursion as Island Sky takes you on the 20-day cruise from Tahiti to Easter Island. Start the trip by learning about Tahiti through the different arts available in the museum. Visit Tuamotus Island, which is comprised of the world's largest atoll chain The average flight time from Los Angeles to Pitcairn Islands is 8 hours 1 minutes; Distance from Los Angeles to Pitcairn Islands is 4,092 miles / 6,586 km; Los Angeles is served by 1 airports Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Pitcairn Islands is served by 1 airports Tahiti Faa'a International Airport (PPT) Airline Air Distance Calculator Between Distance Between Pitcairn Islands And Chile. Calculating distance in kilometer between two countries. Also, showing How far it is from Pitcairn Islands to Chile Pitcairn Island is an island in the Pacific Ocean more than 3,000 miles away from any continent. It has a population of just 50 people. The island's main industry is tourism and most residents. Not having a chronometer aboard, Carteret miscalculated the island's position by 3° 24' and thus marked Pitcairn's Island 188.4 nautical miles west of its true location. No one except the determined Captain Cook was interested in Carteret's report and his search for the island was deflected by an outbreak of scurvy

I haven't been to both islands, but Easter Island shoudn't be difficult. There is at least one airline (LAN Chile ??) flying regularly, at least once a week, between Tahiti and Easter Island. Probably some fellow travellers know more details. In my opinion, there's no need to book a tour as the island can be easily explored individually Pitcairn Island, isolated volcanic island in the south-central Pacific Ocean, 1,350 miles (2,170 km) southeast of Tahiti.It is the only inhabited island of the British overseas territory of Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno Islands, which is commonly referred to as the Pitcairn Islands or as Pitcairn Pitcairn Island is a remote, rugged speck of land in the south Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles from anywhere. Pitcairn was the last refuge of the mutineers from the HMS Bounty, which was seized from the infamous Captain Bligh in 1789. Following the seizure, the mutineers, led by Fletcher Christian, fled to Tahiti, where several were.

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An isolated volcanic island 1,350 miles southeast of Tahiti, it was named after British midshipman Robert Pitcairn, who first sighted the island on July 2, 1767. Its location had been incorrectly charted by the explorer Carteret, who missed the mark by 200 miles, and was therefore the ideal refuge for the mutineers Halfway between New Zealand and South America are the Pitcairn Islands.Of the four islands, Pitcairn is the only inhabited one. It is one of the most remote inhabited islands on Earth. The island is home to descendants of the HMAV Bounty mutineers, who settled on the island in 1790, although nowadays there are also quite a few other people living on the island, including native from other.

The islands are the last British Overseas Territory in the Pacific. The total land area of the islands is 18 square miles (46.6 square kilometers) and only the second largest - Pitcairn that spreads on only 2.2 miles (3.6 kilometers) from east to west is inhibited Distance from Hawaii to Tahiti. The total straight line flight distance from Hawaii to Tahiti is 2,724 miles. This is equivalent to 4 384 kilometers or 2,367 nautical miles. Your trip begins in the state of Hawaii. It ends in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Your flight direction from Hawaii to Tahiti is South (168 degrees from North)

Pitcairn Island - The Benefits If the idea of moving to the world's most remote island is something you dream about, then the Pitcairn Islands' offer of free land might be just what you're looking for. You'll be more isolated from the rest of the world than Napoleon in exile! The islands are in the absolute middle of nowhere Aranui cruises from Tahiti to Marquesas, Pitcairn and Society The vessel can also accept up to 45 locals as deck passengers traveling short distance between the islands. Schedule and Tariff for North and South America in USD: 2021 It serves as the primary transportation and supply link to the Marquesas Islands located north of Tahiti On Highest Point, signposts show distances to cities around the world: Sydney is 7,493 kilometres away, London 14,821 and Tahiti 2,325. The closest is Henderson Island, only 168 kilometres, and one of the four islands in the Pitcairn group; another is Oneo, a relatively short 120-kilometre journey by longboat and favoured by islanders for summer camping trips for its sandy beaches, sheltered.

Calculate the distance from Sea Island to Pitcairn United States. Check the map and find the best routes between the two cities Dec 16, 2019 - Discover how to travel to Pitcairn Island - one of the most remote islands in the world!. See more ideas about pitcairn islands, pitcairn, remote island Calculate the distance from Islandia to Pitcairn United States. Check the map and find the best routes between the two cities 1. The tall ship Soren Larsen stops at Pitcairn on the Easter Island - Tahiti part of its voyage. The whole trip lasts 7 weeks, though you may be able to get off in the Marquesas after 4 weeks. Next trip will be next may. You'll probably get two nights on Pitcairn. 2

For those of you who have flown to Tahiti from the East Coast of the US, how did you arrange your flights?I have found there are no airlines that fly to Tahiti from Boston so I can't book our flights directly with one airline.I was thinking of using a site like Orbitz rather than buying two separate round trip flights (one r/t for BOS to LAX and the second r/t for LAX to PPT) The island is Britain's only remaining possession in the South Pacific. Pitcairn Island appears in the distance . The Amsterdam has the advantage of newer, more accurate charts. A tiny dot of land appears as a speck in the distance at sunrise and gets gradually bigger. Even close up, it is a tiny, sheer sided piece of land Steve Christian, now 53 and the mayor of Pitcairn, the island's engineer and the man who wields the forceps when a Pitcairner has to lose a tooth, was sentenced to three years' imprisonment for.

The distance between Haiti and Marshall Islands is 12,497 kilometers (7,765 miles). Haiti, America. Marshall Islands, Oceania. 12,497 km. Distance between centroids. 12,303 km. Shortest distance between major cities. Jérémie → Majuro. Distances between Haiti and Marshall Islands by cities The number of arrivals in Tahiti is usually a good indication of the movement of cruising boats in the Pacific basin and the figures for 2010 supplied by the port authority of Tahiti show a steady increase in recent years, with 826 in 2010 compared to 694 in the previous year, 350 in 2006, and 442 in 2000 No. Pitcairn has a tumultuous past. In 1789, the crew of the Bounty, whose mission was to transport breadfruit from Tahiti to the plantations of the West Indies, mutinied and established themselves on Pitcairn with several Tahitian women, far from the eyes of the British empire and its renowned navy Distance, cost (tolls, fuel, cost per passenger) and journey time, based on traffic conditions Leipzig Pitcairn Islands driving directions. Departure point Route summary Viaducts, bridges Arrival point Dangerous area Tunnels Map routes Security alert Crossing nearb Watch the three-part Britain's Treasure Islands documentary series on BBC FOUR, starting Tue 12 Apr 2016 21:00. (repeated Wed 13 Apr 2016 20:00). Pitcairn Is..

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Media in category Pitcairn Island 102 KB. Pitcairn Island banner Harbour.jpg. Pitcairn Island In The Distance.jpg. Pitcairn Island NOAA.jpg. Pitcairn Island shoreline Pitcairn Island Coastal Profile and HMS Calypso, by Conway Shipley.jpg 998 × 494; 96 KB. Stone sculptures from Tahiti and Pitcairn Island, Otago Museum, 2016. The current Pitcairn Island dependency ratio (those under 18 and over 65 compared to the productive population) stands at 58 percent. The issue for Pitcairn Islands is that the ratio is trending in the wrong direction and by 2025 it will be over 100 percent. At this point there will be more pensioners than productive-age persons. This negativel Distance, cost (tolls, fuel, cost per passenger) and journey time, based on traffic conditions Berlin Pitcairn Islands driving directions. Departure point Route summary Viaducts, bridges Arrival point Dangerous area Tunnels Map routes Security alert Crossing nearb Road Distance from Pitcairn Islands to Tahiti cannot be Calculated.Try for Flight Distance Distance Calculator Direction Finder Show Bigger Map Travel Planner Travel Time Calculator Flight Distance Calculator Flight Time Calculator How far is A from B Route Planner Trip Cost Calculator Latitude Longitude Finde On Highest Point, signposts show distances to cities around the world: Sydney is 7,493 kilometres away, London 14,821 and Tahiti 2,325. The closest is Henderson Island, only 168 kilometres, and one of the four islands in the Pitcairn group; another is Oneo, a relatively short 120-kilometre journey by longboat and favoured by islanders for summer camping trips for its sandy beaches, sheltered lagoon and reef fishing

Nearest neighbors east of Pitcairn live on Easter Island - more then 2000 km east. To the coast of Tahiti on the west is almost 2400 kilometers. There is a luck in the adversity of lonely Pitcairn: the island lies almost exactly on the line connecting New Zealand with Panama Pitcairn, the only inhabited island, is a small volcanic outcrop situated in the South Pacific at latitude 25.04 south and longitude 130.06 west. It is roughly 2170km (1350 miles) east south-east of Tahiti and just over 6600km (4100 miles) from Panama The island lies southeast of Tahiti, and about 100 miles south of the nearest island of the Tuamotu or Low Islands group. Its area is two square miles, and it is a very high island girded with steep cliffs, in the words of Sir Thomas Staines' despatch completely iron bound with rocky shores

Tahiti-with its black sand beaches and frenzied cities-may not be the island of dreams that so many have come to romanticize, but it is without a doubt the beating heart of French Polynesia. Driving around Tahiti and soaking in its unspoiled nature is a fantastic way for visitors to get a taste of the contemporary culture and deep-rooted history of the South Pacific's most famous archipelago Upon leaving Tahiti for the last time, in September, 1789, taking with them several natives of that island, the mutineers in the Bounty are known to have steered to the N. W.; but their route must have been long and devious, since it was not until January 1790, that they reached Pitcairn Island, a distance of little more than four hundred leagues from Tahiti, in a S. E. direction Pitcairn Distance To Country: Distance (km) Flight Time (hr) US: 7631.18: 8.36: Canada: 9206.24: 10.09: Japan: 11960.99: 13.11: France: 14972.26: 16.41: South Africa: 13106.58: 14.36: UK: 14370.2: 15.75: Brazil: 7911.49: 8.67: Germany: 15392.27: 16.87: Poland: 15879.32: 17.4: Indonesia: 12836.2: 14.0 Among thousands of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, Pitcairn Island is probably one of the most mysterious. It is best known for the mutineers from HMS Bounty who settled down on the island. However, we do not know much about natives who inhabited the island between the 11 th and 15 th centuries. They just disappeared after living on the islands for about 400 years Napa Valley is 4,500 miles away. Herb Ford, a former Angwin resident, is currently the co-director of the Pitcairn Island Study Center. Now 92-and-a-half, Ford made his second, and last.

Located, 2,170km (1,350 miles) from Tahiti, just over 6,600km (4,100 miles) from Panama and 5,310km (3,300) from New Zealand, Pitcairn, together with three other surrounding islands, Henderson. The Aranui 5 is a dual-purpose passenger/freighter ship that sails from Tahiti to the Marquesas, Tuamotu and Society Islands in French Polynesia on a 13 day all-inclusive cruise. Designed to offer all of the comforts of a cruise liner , while operating as a supply ship, Aranui 5 is classified as a small vessel , accommodating approximately 230 passengers in 103 cabins After a 20 minute walk back to the pier, we departed on one of the last barges back to the Aranui around 11:15 am. It was a beautiful short stop in Rikitea and gave us a glimpse into this island that had at least a dozen snack shops and other entrepreneurial businesses along the roadside. Lunch was, as usual, a filling 3-course meal Information about time zones and time difference between countries Pitcairn Islands and Haiti. The time shown here apply Daylight Saving Time when required After returning to Tahiti to pick up women, and collecting a half-dozen Polynesian men from other islands, Christian sailed nine months and 8,000 miles in search of a hiding place

Atlas of the Pitcairn Islands - Wikimedia CommonsReal-Life Lord of the Flies: The Strange and ViolentPitcairn Island – The Best Vacations Experience MagazineTourist In Pitcairn Island – World for Travel10 Most Remote and Remarkable Inhabited Islands - WebEcoist

French Polynesia ( Polynésie française) is a set of islands that is an overseas country attached to France. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, it is halfway between California and Australia. Tahiti and its islands cover four million square kilometers of ocean which is the same area as the European Union Tahiti-Moorea Ferries. The most popular ferry trip is the 30- to 40-minute journey from Papeete (Tahiti) to Moorea 12 miles to the west. It's a wonderfully scenic journey and much cheaper than. The culture held in common by most Pitcairn Islanders is mainstream Pitcairn culture, a mixture of British and Polynesian culture derived from the traditions of the settlers who landed in 1790. Most of the people today are descended from the HMS Bounty mutineers of English, Cornish, Manx and Scottish descent, plus their Tahitian companions, including the few who settled afterwards. As of 2018, there are a total of 50 people inhabiting the island. There is also a Pitcairn diaspora particularly i Where is Pitcairn Island? Covering an area of several hundred square miles, Pitcairn has four main islands, with only Pitcairn settled

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